Francis (Ray) Milhollin's 1979 Spirit 28 Galatea

For Sale - May 2007
For information please call (303) 989-3335

Ray's  'Galatea' is "... based in Lakewood, Colorado ... I will send more [photos] ... showing some of the modifications after I launch her this coming summer." Ray adds, " There is also another Spirit 28 in the Denver area, both of us have sailed together extensively on Lake Granby, which is at an elevation of 8,500 feet above sea level."

Some of the things I've done since I purchased her in Galveston, Texas, in November of 1998 are:
Powdered coated the mast and boom,
Replaced all the portlights and hatches,
Built new companion way slats of both plywood and Plexiglas,
Added a third battery,
Added a solar panel,
Changed out the alcohol stove for a propane model,
Re-upholstered the interior,
Added a wind direction and speed meter, and a Garmin 276c GPS,
Replaced the original mainsail with a new full batten main, including lazy jacks,
Modified the auto pilot and replaced the stainless wheel with a wooden one,
Installed CD stereo with internal and external speakers and remote control,
Built a storage cabinet behind the folding table, including a wine rack,
Modified the oil pan to facilitate easier changing of the oil,
Replaced the plastic instrument panel with one I built from stainless steel,

The trailer, which I had built in Texas, has been extensively modified to permit self launching, I have also built a gin pole to facilitate standing the mast, I've yet to test it out.

Ray and Linda

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